Site Admin can use the Social Applications feature to add login buttons for popular OAuth 2.0 applications such as Google, Microsoft, and Clever. 

Once a new Social Application is configured and activated in site admin, a new login button for that application will automatically appear in the menu of available login methods on your site. 

OER Commons microsites currently provide integrations with 3 login providers: 

  • Google 
  • Microsoft Azure
  • Clever

Add New Social Application

Create or Obtain OAuth Application Credentials

When adding a new social application login option to your site, you will need to first obtain application credentials from the login applications you wish to support. This will usually be done in one of two ways: 

  1. Obtain credentials for an existing OAuth application already in use at your organization
  2. Create credentials for a new OAuth application for use by your microsite  

Add a New Login Option

  1. Navigate to Admin -> Social Applications
  2. Click the grey "Add Social Application+" button in the upper righthand corner of the screen
  3. Open the Provider drop down list and select from the list of supported applications
  4. Give the Application a Name (which will be the text that appears on the login button)
  5. Enter the Client ID you obtained or created
  6. Enter the Secret and/or Key you obtained or created 
  7. Click "Save" 

Verify New Login Options on your Homepage

  1.  Navigate to your homepage
  2. Make sure you are signed out
  3. Click "Sign In" button
  4. Ensure your new application button appears
  5. Ensure the login flow works as expected